JS Graph – JavaScript Drawing | Graph Framework | fast and powerful JavaScript Graph library for visualizing any kind of business information in HTML5 web applications and environments

Individual development services

Our Expertise

Tensegrity offers, in addition to our product offering, the service to design and develop user interfaces as part of your application or create complete software applications.

We collaborate with your product management or development team to create concepts, specifications and development plans. Finally we offer to realize the software project as part of your development team or by providing the complete development resources needed to finalize a product. We understand the changing needs of development projects by providing the high flexibility needed during a development process.


Graphics and Visualization

  • Design and implementation of graphical user interfaces and interface elements
  • Interactive Web interfaces
  • Representation and modeling of any economic data, structures or processes
  • Implementation and optimization of layout algorithms for automatic placement of graphical objects
  • Mapping and modeling of time or resource plans